Hi! I'm Amanda, and I LOVE photography.

I am located in Western Washington and I have a passion for taking photos of the seen and unseen moments. I have a casual and creative approach that strives to capture all the fun and candid moments. I love exploring new photoshoot locations, laughing with my clients, and giving you the portrait experience you deserve. I am a sucker for warm, natural lighting and a neutral yet vibrant color pallet. 

*    *    *

     Picking up my camera and freezing any moment is my specialty. I am a photographer because I love continually finding ways to be creative in my work and hang out with fun, adventurous couples like you!

I enjoy skiing, mountain biking, hiking, paddle boarding, hammocking, and of course a low-key night with the company of Ben and Jerry's or hanging around a crackling fire with s' mores for dinner.

     I love exploring new places and dropping Google Map pins in the middle of nowhere to come back to for photoshoots with my couples.

     When it comes to food I will never turn down sushi or dark chocolate, not together of course, but separately I can never get enough! I'd like to eventually learn to make sushi myself and learn how to cook some killer dishes in general, however, I have mastered avocado toast which I eat literally every day and somehow I am still not tired of it!

*   *   *

     Being outside with camera in hand is clearly one of my favorite things to do, but equally a passion of mine is connecting with people and making them smile! (:

Let's get you married and make the most of it while capturing all of it!!

If you are ready to play dress-up, have a good time, and allow me to showcase YOU, please don't hesitate to reach out!!

Photos By: Kaylee Moniz



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